Thursday, July 8, 2010

Funny Story

So in the excitement of yesterday's big announcement, I was not able to tell you about the craziness that was yesterday!

To tell the story properly, I must first give you a little background information....

Adam received the phone call to come and interview in Nashville early last week. Since he was going to be interviewing on Tuesday (the day after the 4th of July Monday holiday), he asked if I wanted to come and make a little trip out of it since I was already going to be off Monday. I thought that was a great idea! I asked for Tuesday and Wednesday off, and we booked a hotel room for two nights in Nashville. Since Nashville is only 8 hours away, we decided we could just make it a roadtrip.

Well, after all the plans were made, Adam got a phone call late last week from Ohio State to come and interview on Thursday of this week (today). This was the only time they had available, so it had to work. After doing a little math and crunching some numbers, we realized the best idea would be for Adam to drive from Nashville to Ohio on Wednesday, and for me to fly back. So I booked a flight from Nashville to Raleigh, and Adam booked a hotel room in Ohio.

Yesterday on the way to the airport, Adam got the phone call from Nashville offering him the job. This was definitely the job he wanted, so he accepted the position and called Ohio State to cancel his interview. So now we were stuck with a hotel room in Ohio and a plane ticket back to Raleigh that were both nonrefundable. Not wanting to waste both of them, Adam INSISTED that I go ahead and fly back and he would drive. I already had arranged for my friend Sherry to pick me up, and we were going to have dinner afterward, so Adam didn't want me to miss that. So, I said ok, and headed to the terminal for my flight to Cincinnati, OH (yes, I know, it was a weird connecting flight, but it was oddly enough the cheapest and fastest connection to Raleigh).

The flight was delayed due to air conditioning problems on the plane which also led to fueling problems, so I missed my connection. So I got to hang out at the Cincinnati Airport for 3 hours waiting for the next flight. Once I finally got on the flight to Raleigh, we waited on the plane for a good 20 minutes because another flight was late and was about to land, and some of the people on it were connecting with our flight. Well wasn't that just nice of them! Nobody waited on ME when my flight was late!

The flight from Cincinnati to Raleigh was overbooked by one person (probably me!) due to multiple late flights throughout the day. The crew needed one person to get off and fly to Cincinnati to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to Raleigh arriving at midnight in Raleigh instead of 8 p.m. Delta were originally offering $400 in Delta money to be used on any Delta flight, but then jumped to $600 when no one would take it. I was REALLY tempted to do it, but backout because I just wanted to get home! I knew I shouldn't have told Adam this tidbit of information, but did anyway. Of course, he thought I was COMPLETELY crazy for not doing it, but oh well....(I wish I would have done it now!)

In the end, Adam drove straight from the Nashville Airport to the Raleigh Airport only to wait on my plane to land......What a day!

I officially put my notice in at work! My last day is next Thursday!

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