Monday, July 12, 2010

Flavor of the Week

This week's Flavor of the Week came to me in the form of a nomination from none other than Adam.

When I first told Adam my idea for Flavor of the Week, he immediately mentioned this person as a deserving recipient of my prestigious award.

So this week's Flavor of the Week award goes to..............

Kevin King!
(Kevin and Adam 4th of July)

Here is what Adam had to say about Kevin:

Able to jump small athletic training tables in a single bound, faster than a mongoose after a grub, and can tape ankles faster than you can touch your nose. He is a man of great character, known for his charming ways, and irreplaceable smile. This man I am describing is the all famous KEVIN KING!!

I have known Kevin for two years now, and he is an outstanding individual. He carries himself with pride and has the utmost respect for others. I hope everyone has the opportunity to meet someone who changes their perspective in more than one way. You know the type of person I'm talking about. Picture it: You are a young professional progressing through the initial steps of your career, and you are looking for someone to be a guide and lead by example. Someone who holds themselves and others' standards high and challenges you mentally. Kevin has filled that role for me, and I know he will continue to be a leader for up and coming professionals.

Kevin, I know you enjoy music, and love collaborations even more, so here is a collaboration for you. Hope you enjoy.

Kevin and his sweet wife, Nicole

Kevin, we think you're awesome!
You're my (or should I say "our") (What is a Flavor of the Week award?)


  1. How exciting!!! And sweet of Adam...his kind words brought tears to my eyes! LOVE the picture of Kevin dancing...I can see my arm behind your bridesmaids! And where did you get the random picture of us?? Perhaps this wonderful Bloggette cannot reveal her secret blogging ways?!?!

    We are REALLY going to miss you guys :(

  2. I glad you like it! I will never reveal my picture stealing secrets! ha! We are REALLY going to miss yall too! But like you said, now yall have a reason to come to Nashville!


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