Sunday, July 11, 2010


I went to my very first furniture auction today. Notice I said "furniture auction," because I've been to a couple of auctions - livestock auctions that is! Pigs, goats, cattle, chickens, horses - hey, I am from South Mississippi!

I've heard about these furniture auctions before but had never been. I've been missing out; it's the coolest thing! The auctions are held at staged model homes. Once they are ready to sell the model home, all of the furnishings inside are auctioned off. Everything from couches, end tables, lamps, vases, artwork - it's all brand new and auctioned for pennies on the dollar.

Since we are moving, I thought an auction would be the best place to score some items we are looking for at a great price. We are on the hunt for a kitchen table and a bed for the guest bedroom. They had the PERFECT kitchen table, but I was outbid, and they didn't have the size bed I wanted for the guest bedroom.

I did walk away with an awesome piece of artwork though! I had to go into a bidding war with a lady to get it, but I got it! The price sticker was still on the back of the art piece, and it said $77.50. I paid $32.50 - pretty good huh!

This picture is not the best; the blue is actually brighter in person, but isn't it fabulous!?!

It was probably best that I didn't win the kitchen table, because that would have been just one more thing to move, but man, I really wanted it! Adam and I are going to look for more furniture auctions like this one in Nashville to furnish our apartment.

If you're interested, the company that was holding the auction today was Builders Auction Company, and this is their website. They hold auctions all across the country.

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