Friday, July 9, 2010

Apartment Craziness

We have been trying our hardest to nail down where we are going to live, but it's difficult to do when you are a state away, and you need to move-in in a matter of a week. We thought we had one place for sure, but it turned out they were just giving us a complete run around. It was so aggravating, because we wasted half the day dealing with them when they could have simply said they would not be able to have an apartment ready in such short notice. We are pretty sure we have secured another apartment somewhere else and will hopefully (*fingers crossed*) finalize it tomorrow.

Tomorrow's list:
  1. Reserve a U-Haul
  2. Finalize the apartment situation
  3. Start packing
That may be a short list, but those are some big ticket items!

On another note:
Adam and I are about to cozy up on the couch and watch one of our favorite shows, Dexter. If you are not familiar with the Showtime series, get familiar! It's amazing! We are on season 3. We watch them on Netflix, because we aren't cool enough to have Showtime (ha!). Here is the trailer for season 1:

Happy Friday!

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