Monday, June 21, 2010


So I'm home alone for the next week. My partner-in-crime is gone to Philadelphia for the annual NATA convention (National Athletic Trainers' Association). He left yesterday and will be back Friday night. I don't mind a little time to myself except at night. I am the biggest scaredy cat ever.....but I made it through the night without being abducted by a masked murderer, ghosts or aliens (yes, these are thoughts that race through my mind while lying alone in the dark....don't judge!)

*New Topic*
I started a new book yesterday.....

I know a few people who have read the whole series (there are 4 books total) and love them all. I concur so far.

*Changing the Subject*
Can you believe today is the official 1st day of summer?!? Hasn't it been summer for the last month (or two) with this 90 degree weather and humidity (I know Mississippi friends, it is nothing compared to what you are enduring, but it's still hot!) But I must say, I would rather be hot any day of the month than cold! Me and cold weather do NOT mix!

*And last, but DEFINITELY, not least*
Happy Birthday to the best Mother-in-law ever, Mrs. Theresa! I honestly don't know another woman with a kinder heart than her. She really is amazing. Hope you're having a fabulous day; you deserve it!

(Adam and his mom cuttin' a rug at our wedding.)

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