Monday, June 28, 2010

Introducing: Flavor of the Week

Mondays are so blah! Unless it's one of those rare and sacred holiday Mondays, Mondays stand for the end of the weekend and the beginning of a long work week which equals blah! I wanted to do something to spice up Mondays, so I am officially starting my "Flavor of the Week" award to be announced every Monday.
(My little logo I made - cute huh?)

What is a "Flavor of the Week" award? Well, every week I am going to spotlight someone who I think is awesome for a number of reasons, and he or she will be my "Flavor of the Week." So with no further adieu.......

My first "Flavor of the Week" award goes to none other than......drum roll, please.......

(Chelle at my wedding. She was my Matron of Honor.)

I know what some of you are thinking, "Oh what a stretch, she picked her best friend..." Yes, Chelle is and has been my best friend for many moons now (17 years to be exact), but best friend status aside, I still would have picked her.

The reason I chose Chelle is because I truly admire her steady strength, courage, commitment and positive attitude.

Chelle is an Army wife. Her husband, Matt, is currently on his second tour of duty. They have been married a little over 3 years now, with him being deployed a year and a half of it. I have always believed that it takes a special woman to be married to a military man; a quality I know I don't possess.

What I admire about Chelle is she never whines and complains (if she did, I wouldn't mind and would completely understand) about Matt being gone, how much she misses him, or how horrible it is, but instead is always cheerful and continues to press through. Of course she misses and worries about Matt, but she doesn't plaster it all over facebook or constantly talk about it. She never lets herself sink down into self-pitiness, but instead keeps her head up. Just like Matt, she too is a warrior.

Last week when Adam was gone, every time I would think about how much I missed him, I would think about Chelle, and then I would feel absolutely ridiculous. I don't know how she does it day in and day out; she truly is a better woman than me.

(Their wedding day March 2007 in Georgia)

(Chelle and Matt before his 2nd deployment)

And for fun, me and Chell (that's my nickname for her) through the years:
(Junior year of high school - 2002)

(High School Senior trip to Destin - 2003)

(Night on the town - 2005)

(Chelle's bachelorette shower and party - February 2007)

(UNC Football game - October 2008)

(Back home in Mississippi - May 2010).

Chelle, I think you're amazing! You put a smile on every day when most people wouldn't, and never lose focus, and for that, you are my 1st

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  1. Dang girl. Gonna go a make me cry. Kind of awkward to ready such sweet things about yourself, but it really means a lot to me Shannon. I was just thinking to day how thankful I am that we are still friends. You are the best!


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