Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dinner in Carrboro

We live in the coolest town in all of North Carolina: Carrboro. If you aren't familiar with North Carolina, Carrboro is literally right next door to Chapel Hill. If you are in downtown, you could have one foot in Chapel Hill and one foot in Carrboro; that's how close they are, but boy, are they different. When my former boss discovered where I lived, he's words to me were, "Do you realize you live in the biggest hippie/liberal town in all of North Carolina?!?" Mind you at the time I was working at a Republican political consulting firm (key word: was).

Adam and I LOVE Carrboro. It is so eclectic and unlike any other town we have ever been to much less lived. Everyone is very into recycling, conserving, growing and buying locally (they have an AMAZING Farmers Market every Wednesday and Saturday), riding bikes or walking/running everywhere; it's awesome.

Tonight we dined at Southern Rail, a restaurant in Carrboro that has converted old train rail cars into dining space in addition to a fabulous outdoor dining area. It was such a beautiful evening that we chose outside.

(One of the two rail cars used for dining)

(This is where we sat)

(Notice the people behind Adam dining in the rail car)

(Adam was trying to be artistic by capturing the menu heading in the picture - gotta love him!)

It was a nice summer evening.

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