Monday, May 17, 2010

Yucky Monday

Well, it's Monday, and to top it off, it has been raining ALL day. Hopefully, we won't get as much rain as poor Nashville last week. Adam said we will be fine, because we live on a hill - Chapel Hill that is (Ha!). In all honesty, the situation in Nashville is awful, and what about the Gulf Coast - my homeland. My dad works on the Mississippi Coast, and he told me today that even though the oil is still 45 miles from the shore, there is a constant smell of petroleum in the air (That's crazy!).

Ok, enough of being a Debbie Downer......

On this dreary Monday night, I did manage to squeeze in a quick workout (P90X: Core Synergistics), eat a frozen pizza with my hubby and watch our new favorite show: Prison Break. A little late to be jumping on the Prison Break train since the series just finished its fourth season, right? Well, that is usually how Adam and I work. We can't commit to watching a certain show, at a certain time, on a certain day, every week, and we don't have a DVR, so we usually just wait until the series is out on DVD or in this case, on Netflix. That's how we got interested in The Office (which is now one of my favorite shows, if not favorite show), Dexter (that's a must see; I got my best friend Chelle hooked on it and soon to be Robby), and Adam really got into Heroes (just a rip off of X-Men if you ask me). We are only about five episodes deep into Prison Break Season One, and it already has us hooked. It's one of those series that will have you tensed up in anticipation the entire episode. It's really good!

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