Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tonight I had ANOTHER dinner date with a friend. I know, just call me Ms. Popular! (That’s totally a joke.) The truth is, I’m lucky to have ONE dinner date a month, much less three within one week, so this has been GREAT! I love catching up with friends over dinner.

Tonight’s dinner date was with Stephanie Deal. Stephanie is engaged to one of Adam’s former UNC classmates (I have to say former, because remember, he’s a big graduate now). We met two years ago when I moved here and have been meaning to get together over these past two years, but it actually happened tonight! We ate at Mint, a fabulous Indian restaurant on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. This was Stephanie's first time to eat Indian food. She said she liked it; I hope so. I loved it for sure! It was a great evening with great conversation.

Stephanie, let's not wait another two years before we get together again (ha!).

(Stephanie and I with our chicken tikka masala and nan bread.)

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