Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun with the Odoms

Day 3 of the trip:

We headed to my hometown, Petal, where my dad and siblings live. The day consisted of mostly one thing: Badminton! My dad smoked some awesome ribs, and we played badminton most of the afternoon. The teams were:
The Odoms:
Corri, Brennon and Dad


The Sumralls: Me, Adam and Jessie (She was an honorary Sumrall)

The tournament was best two out of three. The Odoms won the first game, but the Sumralls came back and won game two. The final game came to an end with a 21-20 score with the Sumralls being VICTORIOUS! Lets just say it was three VERY intense games.

(Action Shot; ok, maybe a little posed)

It's always a lot of fun with the family. I haven't seen them since Christmas, so it's been really fun catching up and hanging out with them. More fun to be had tomorrow!

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