Monday, May 31, 2010

Bike Ride through Duke

We have lived in Chapel Hill for two years now, and I had still not been to Duke's campus. (If you are not familiar with North Carolina, UNC's campus and Duke's campus are probably no more than 20 minutes apart from each other, if that.) Adam has been to Duke for different athletic events and raved about how beautiful the campus is, so today, we loaded up the bikes and headed that way.

(Inside the famous Duke Gardens)

(Not sure what this statue is all about, but we thought it was interesting)

(Adam outside of Duke's Chapel. The architecture is amazing; it's very Gothic inspired.)

(Me outside the Chapel doors)

(Isn't the inside of the Chapel GORGEOUS?!?)

It was the perfect day for a bike ride. It was probably around 80 degrees and sunny with a nice, cool breeze in the air. Duke has a BEAUTIFUL campus, but no worries Carolina fans, Adam and I have in no way converted out allegiance....Let's Go Tarheels!

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