Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mr. B

Have you missed Beauf?

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last couple of months:

 That boy loves his dad

 Look at those little crossed paws.  Makes my heart smile.

 Neil thought B was furniture.  Beauford was not amused.....

Good grief, I have a cute dog!  Beauford is rotten as the day is long, but he's all mine (ok, I share him with Adam...), and I just love him to pieces!!

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Friday, September 6, 2013


So many times I have attempted this.  It's been seven months, and well, time got away from me.
I don't really know what's been the hold up.  I never meant to get away from blogging, but the days kind of slipped away.  Before I knew it, well here we months later.

But it's time.  It's time to get back to blogging.  I love blogging, and to be honest, I've missed it.  It's my own personal corner of the internet.  Where I can share my thoughts and updates, and they're always there to look back on.

So dear readers (do I still have any??), I'm back!

Have you missed me?

Just in case you forgot what I looked like......

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday....Sorta

 Pup prison

I HATE leaving Beauford in a crate all day while we're at work, but after multiple attempts at free roaming during the day, Beauf just can't do it.  It's not every time, but 9 times out of 10, Beauf pees if left out during work hours.  I just can't have that.  We only use the crate while we're at work, because he's able to hold it while we run errands and such, but he just can't make it 10+ hours.

We started using a baby gate this week instead of a crate and have kept him contained in the mud room while we're at work. So far, so good!  I feel SO much better about this.

One of the rare moments, he wanted to cuddle.  I love this boy.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Monday!


 Does anyone else feel this way, ESPECIALLY on Monday?!?

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's FINALLY Over!

After 16 looooooooooong months, it's FINALLY over!

Meet the new and improved Shannon:

The braces are FINALLY gone!

Those things have been a thorn in my side for the last year and four months, but it was all worth it in the end though.  My jaw is not 100% better (you can't correct TMJ, just improve it), but it feels 100x better!  You can read all about why I got braces on this post

Speaking of that post, that post always has the most hits on my blog analytics.  So to all of you out there who are in braces or thinking about getting braces for TMJ issues, DO IT!  Not going to lie - I hated every.last.minute of wearing them and I was well, a tad bit over the top self-conscious about them, but I saw dramatic improvements in my jaw, so it WAS worth it (even though it didn't feel like it at the time).

 I'm back!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sweet Tooth

In less than 6 weeks, Adam and I, along with our friends Bob and Val, are setting sail for a 6 days/5 nights cruise to the Bahamas!!

We are SUPER excited, but that’s a whole other post. Good grief, I can’t wait!

Adam and I were talking about the cruise Monday morning, and I mentioned that I needed to get bikini body ready.  We are really good about working out, but not so great on the diet portion.  I really don’t think we eat too terrible and actually somewhat healthy, but it’s the sweets that have become a problem.

Adam had the idea that we cut out all sweets until the cruise.  This was a little TOO steep for me.  I can’t just go all cold turkey.  I like to set realistic goals and that to me is not realistic.  So we compromised and decided we could have one sweet a week.

So here we are on day 4 of no sweets – I’m DYING!  I didn’t realize how much of a habit I had created.  It’s not so bad during the day, because I usually never eat sweets, but it’s after dinner that really gets me.  I’ve just gotten so used to having something sweet that I just CRAVE it (and that’s a problem!).

I’ve found the best method for me is to brush my teeth relatively soon after dinner.  After I’ve brushed my teeth for the night, I don’t want to have to rebrush them, so the temptation is gone (but not necessarily the craving…). 

I already told Adam that when we do finally have a sweet this week, it is going to be something REALLY good such as:
You know, just a few things I've been daydreaming about....

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On The Big Screen

We RARELY go to the movies, but I've actually been to the movies two weekends in a row here recently.

First it was The Hobbit with Adam:

If you love The Lord of the Rings trilogy (which I do), then you'll love The Hobbit.  It's a little more lighthearted than The Lord of the Rings.  Definitely recommend it.

Next was Les Miserables with my friend Amanda:

Oh.My.Goodness!!!  SO good! I had never seen the musical or any of the old movies, so I had no idea what the storyline was.  My friend Val recommended reading up on the story before hand, which I did, and that was very helpful. 

I must say I enjoyed every single minute of it.  I HIGHLY recommend this one, and definitely worth seeing it on the big screen instead of at home.  Heck, I'd go see it again.  Anyone need a movie date?

Not necessarily a movie, but last weekend Adam and I started the Showtime series Homeland:

We got the first of four disks in the mail from Netflix, and it contained three episodes.  Let's just say Adam and I watch all three episodes back-to-back on Friday night.  It sucked us right in.  I'm officially hooked!

Seen any movies lately that would merit another trip to the movies?  I love a good reason to eat buttery popcorn!

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